Many kinds of apples that are scattered all over the earth, and all of which have properties that are not much different and just might contain some substances that distinguish it all as well as skin color and also tastes. with such diversity in several places, utilizing many apples as the main material for the health and treatment of several diseases.

I will try to write in this blog on this article, some of the benefits of apples for health and home remedies, before discussing the better we know what the content is beneficial for our bodies to apples, as follows:

Calories (kcal): 58g
Protein: 03g
Fat: 04g
Water: 84,1g
Vitamin A: 90g
Vitamin C: 5g
Iron: 0,3g
Calcium: 6g
source: http://balitbu.litbang.deptan.go.id/

Benefits of Apples for Health and Home Remedies

In some of the blogs and websites I have visited a lot of benefits for keshatan apples and home remedies, such as: reducing the risk of cancer, Preventing Free Radicals Preventing Heart Disease and high blood pressure, prevent diabetes, Prevent Dehydration, Preventing Alzheimer's disease, Keeping Dental Health, Prevention of Diarrhea and Constipation, Vision Clearer.

Thus some health benefits here I will try to divide the herb for home remedies you can make at home as a herbal medicine.

Apples to eliminate gray hair

How to take advantage of apples to health and eliminate gray hair, want to know? how are you prepare 1 piece of fresh apple and water taken by means of a blender then you add lemon juice to the mixture, mix the lemon juice with the juice of apples evenly. you can apply the mixture of water on your hair evenly put the daily routine at one hour before the evening bath.

Hopefully useful information and tips from me, I hope we can discuss on the other occasion menfaat apples for a few other things.

Benefits Orange Peel For Skin Beauty face - if you know the efficacy of orange peel for your beauty, if you will throw away the orange peel ?, if you do not know the benefits of orange peel is a lot, for facial beauty, beauty hair, dark skin, acne , remove blackheads, removing dead skin cells.

Some of them will try to discuss and share tip herb citrus fruit peel for your beauty, especially women who do tend to look more beautiful than men, it is not possible also the men take care of their skin for health reasons as well as more healthy looking skin, it does not look dull .

Benefits of orange peel for beauty

In addition to the beauty of orange peel is also able to overcome some diseases such as digestive problems such as nausea and vomiting, herbal remedies for asthma, handle headaches, motion sickness, and may lose weight.

Efficacy of other orange peel that can be used as an ingredient for ingredient-Ahan beauty some herbs for beauty is following below:

The benefits of orange peel for face.

Part of the face is very important for the beauty because beauty starts from wajahlah women assessed, true or not ?, with so many are also some problems in the face, because acne, dark spots, oily skin and others.

Some skin problems suffered by humans, and can be overcome by orange peel:

Helps balance oil production in the skin so oily skin problems can be overcome.
Keep skin smooth and soft.
Eliminate dead skin cells so that the face always looks fresh and radiant.
Remove blackheads and dark spots on the face naturally.
Treat acne and prevent it reappears.
Whiten skin.

To be able to make orange peel as home remedies for skin care, especially the skin on the face, the following herbs for skin care made from orange peel:

The first way: Dry the orange peel to harden, then puree in a blender or ground means can, add fresh milk in the ratio of 50:50. Next, apply to all parts of your face evenly, let sit for about 30 minutes, do it regularly before going to bed.

The second way: Destroy dried orange peel and have hardened ground or blender until smooth, then mix the rose oil to taste. Apply the mixture on the face, leave on for 10-15 minutes so that the substance contained in the orange peel can be well absorbed though the skin. Then massage the skin using your hands to gently rotate direction. This step is performed to remove the dead skin cells so that the face looks more clean and shining.

Beans are a vegetable plant of the legume family that is green, the area of origin is in the area of tropical Asia such as Indonesia, this plant commonly grown vines dipematang fields, now widely cultivated to be used as fresh vegetables so that planting beans use bamboo poles to can grow and beans can depend so it can grow well.

Nutritional content beans are as follows: Thiamin, Riboflavin, Manganese, Protein, Vitamin A, Calories, Fat, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, magnesium, sodium, carbohydrates and more.

Long beans for Alcohol Addiction

Some substances contained before it can overcome alcohol and drug addiction, here I will try to share some chickpea concoction for Alcohol Addiction, how potion, is quite simple and easy to be made at home as a home treatment for alcohol addiction.

Herb beans for alcohol addiction is that you can make long bean juice from fresh beans were previously washed with running water can also be cleaned in the river is still clean. you simply create long bean juice and better also mixed with half a glass of carrot juice for this alcohol addiction.

In addition to alcohol abuse can damage your heart utilize beans for drug addiction, in the same way that makes long bean juice mixed with half a glass of carrot juice, you can drink the juice regularly beans morning, late morning, afternoon and evening . This will improve your pancreas system to get rid of toxins in your heart.

Hopefully chickpea concoction of vegetables can make you healthier and gain knowledge of the benefits of beans for alcohol addiction. thanks may be useful.

Some herbs that can cure and relieve the symptoms of heartburn is a plant that can be find out around you like coconut, green beans, corn hair, lemon and other natural materials.

Here I will try to discuss about cope with the heat in the medicinal plants that can be used as home remedies, some of his material was already mentioned above.

Home Remedies for Heat In

Young Coconut

You must have known about the young coconut and usefulness, here it turns out coconut especially young coconut water can cope with the heat caused usually by thrush, a lack of vitamin C intake, consuming too much fat such as fried foods, less fiber, and lack of fluids in your body resulting in heat generation inside.

By drinking coconut water mixed with honey to taste will be able to cope with the heat in your daily routine to drink the water of the young coconut fruit. This will help restore your the heat in.

Organic Apple Vinegar

Organic apple cider vinegar have properties in the heat treating, the way you can just rinse his mouth with apple cider vinegar, apple cider vinegar can be recognized that the heat in to overcome because it can kill bacteria and soothe your throat.

Green Beans

With green beans you can also make potions powerful enough to dissipate heat inside of your body in a way can take 1 handful of green beans and boiled with 500 ml of liters of water, then add the two segments of ginger and sugar to taste you can drink green bean cooking water last 2 times a day.

Young Corn Hair

Hair corn you can use to cope with the heat, how? you can take advantage of young corn silk in a way to boil water also add ginger and rock sugar to taste, then you can filter the water boiled corn hair before, you can drink the potion regularly 1 time a day.


Lemon water can be utilized to cope with the heat because it contains a lot of vitamin C, you can add additional lemon honey was so not too sour taste. You can drink this concoction of lemon with honey 2 times a day.

Thus some of the herbs and potions that I present here may make benefit to you all and if fever persists you should contact the nearest doctor. thanks may be useful.