Red Fruit and Usefulness

Red Fruit Scientific Classification
Kingdom              : Plantae
Division               : Magnoliophyta
Class                     : Liliopsida
Order                    : Pandanales
Family                  : Pandanaceae
Genus                   : Pandanus
Species                 : P. conoideus
Binomial name     : Pandanus conoideus

About Red Fruit

Red Fruit live in tropical forests, because the red fruit can only be found in Papua-Indonesia. Red Fruit is a kind of traditional pieces from Papua. By community Wamena, Papua, red fruit known as Kuansu. The scientific name for this plant Pandanus conoideus including family plants palmlike like pandanus trees, but this plant height reached 16 meters with its own branch-free stem height of 5-8 m tall reinforced tunjang roots on the stem side down.

Red Fruit Color when ripe bright maroon, even though there is this kind of plants that bear fruit brown and yellowish brown. Oval-shaped fruit cultivars with closed buds of fruit leaves. Red fruit of his own length reaches 55 cm, diameter of 10-15 cm with a weight of about 2-3 kg.

Efficacy Red Fruit Crops
For the people of Papua, especially Wamena, red fruit served to fuel the food on traditional party rock. However, there are many who use it as medicine. Traditionally, red fruit from ancient generations has been consumed for many efficacious in curing various diseases such as preventing eye disease, intestinal worms, skin, and increase stamina.

According to research from the University lecturer Local (University of Paradise) Drs. I Made Budi MS, in a study observing the local community who consume red fruit they have great stamina even though they do not wear proper clothes like us and sometimes with the cool mountain weather, they still have pretty good stamina. It was observed that the red fruit has a content of nutritional composition, was in the form of the Red Fruit juice contains antioxidants (average content): Carotene (12,000 ppm), beta-carotene (700 ppm), Tocopherol (11,000 ppm).

Other substances of red fruit are among others: oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, decanoic, Omega 3 and Omega 9 which are all active compounds antidote to the formation of free radicals in the body. In a study proving quote carotene consumption of 30-60 mg / day for 2 months makes the body unable to reproduce natural cells repellent disease.

Several types of disease that may be cured using red fruit are: breast cancer, uterine cysts, stroke, tumors, hepatitis, coronary heart disease, normalize blood circulation, high blood pressure, uric acid, Hemorrhoid, Pegel pains, disturbances eye, lung disorders , brookitis, asthma / shortness of breath, osteoporosis, helps the working system of the brain, increased libido, stamina, heartburn / indigestion due to stomach acid, and HIV / AIDS.

Red Fruit efficacious to cure AIDS is because red fruit contains tocopherol and beta-carotene which is quite high. Both of these substances act as antioxidants and enhance the human immune system, to fight and break down the amino acids required for the Survival of the AIDS virus.


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