Medicinal Plants and Their Uses for Healthy Teeth

Dental health is very important because it will affect our lives whether it's appearance in the public eye as well as the complications that will be caused if we toothache would be a hassle because it will disrupt our daily activities even though the disease is said to be trivial.

Nature already provides nutritious plants for dental health. I will try to share information about medicinal plants are efficacious for dental health.


Cloves example of this medicinal plant contains antiseptic or disinfection, carminativa (laxative wind), rubefaciencia (heated leather), antispasmodica (eliminating seizures), and analgesics (starch flavor). Because these substances can be used to cure toothache. It also can reduce menstrual pain, arthritis / muscle pains, colds / nausea, hoarse voice (hoarse), and influenza.

I try to split the traditional ingredients of this clove medicinal plants:

Try to take a handful of seeds cloves after roasting until fragrant, pulverized into a powder or blender collision should wear well. After a smooth try sprinkle on the aching tooth several times a day until the pain subsided.


Medicinal plants are originally from India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia, which has been known since the first seja ancestors. The leaves are oval widened, elliptical oval, green some are reddish shaped like a heart and a short tapered tip, these herbs contain essential oils that can evaporate. The largest of which contains a compound that chavicol and. The distinctive aroma of the leaves and the oil was because the content chavicol, this compound is a good antiseptic power can kill bacteria up to five times that of ordinary phenol.

Medicinal plants also contain allyl catechol, cineole, caryophyllene, menthone, eugenol, and methyl ether. Betel also contains vitamin C and alkaloids arakene.

From the research of experts that betel leaves contain enzymes diastase, sugars, and tannins are many abortion on young leaves. Compounds are made of betel leaf can reduce canker sores are not yet traced. But in some ancient books of India and Greece, as quoted Dervish SN, stated that the leaf is the main ingredient of this host has styptic properties (resist bleeding), vulnerary (wound healing of the skin), stomachic (digestive tract medicine), to strengthen teeth, and cleaning throat.

Here I try to share again a fairly simple potion to cure toothache and eliminate bad breath: 

try to take 3-5 betel leaves can also be soaked or boiled with water until tender, then drained it cool to wear rinse your mouth every day, and this can be used only for one-time use.


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