Bay Leaves │ medicinal plants and their uses

Bay leaves, in Indonesia is often used by many housewives for flavoring food, especially to make vegetables, spiced fish and so forth, because the smell is, and the fact that the latest available bay leaves also was able to serve as a natural treatment for some disease.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves can be used for a variety of alternative treatments to cure the disease you are suffering, some diseases can be treated with bay leaves, such as digestion, treat stroke, abdominal pain, diarrhea, gout, blood circulation, lowering high cholesterol in the blood, treating inflammation , diabetes, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, and treat intestinal worms in children.

Content of bay leaves: contain essential oils, citral, eugenol, tannins, flavonoids, methyl kavikol, namely vitamin content of vitamins A, B-6, B-9 and also vit.C, some bay leaves other content that calcium, manganese and iron . because that leaves can be utilized by human sebagain to be used as a natural medicine and plant greetings include medicinal plants.

I will try to give some concoction of bay leaves for some diseases as follows,

Bay leaves for diarrhea

You can take advantage of bay leaves to treat diarrhea in the following way, you can take a few bay leaves about 15 pieces that are still fresh, then washed and boiled with 2 cups of water, until the remaining 1 cup of water, then you can drink boiled water was routinely bay leaves 2 times a day. get well

Bay leaves to lower cholesterol levels

You can try this way at home, because this herb is very easy to do at home, how to lower cholesterol with bay leaves ?, you can utilize about 15 grams of bay leaves that have been washed, then boiled bay leaves with 3 cups of water, until the remaining to 1 cup boiling water, strain the water and you can drink the water decoction of bay leaves at the same time was at night, you can do this way every day, until your cholesterol levels decreased and normal again.

Bay leaves for heartburn

Bay leaves for heartburn, the same as the above before you can take 10-15 bay leaves and then boiled with ½ cup water to a boil and strain the cooking water before, you can mix it with sugar or honey arena, then you drink regularly every day.

Some of the ingredients above wear bay leaves for some diseases, hopefully in the next article and other opportunities can be discussed for beberpa other diseases, the herb that can be made from the bay leaves to cope with other diseases. I hope this article can be useful and make a reference for you. and if there are other side effects that you better consult a doctor.


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