Overcoming Cold With Medicinal Plants

Some herbs are effective to cope with cold, medicinal plants that can cope with a cold you will try along with their formula I discussed below, may be able to help you to be able to cope with colds, and this herb you can try at home as a natural home remedies without dangerous chemicals .

Indeed, in a state that is sometimes too cold and the weather was not friendly to our bodies and our bodies are also often less good, we will be vulnerable to the disease are like colds and coughs, here I am trying to help you to overcome the cold with medicinal plants that can be made at home as home remedies.

Overcome the Cold With Medicinal Plants


In addition to drink plenty of water, you should also have input hot drinks like ginger-based drink that can warm your body. drinks you can make with ginger is you can slice some segments of ginger boiled with water to a boil and mix honey or brown sugar, you can drink several times a day to relieve your cold.

Aroma Menthol

You can get a menthol scent of mint, in a way you can make a mint tea, brewed tea and a glass of tambahna some mint leaves into tea, stir it issued a menthol scent, you can consume menthol flavored tea to relieve colds and overcome you.

Consuming warm spices

Some herbs and spices that can mengahangatkan body, cloves, pepper, nutmeg, chili, etc., can be found in foods like soup, and so forth. and you can also create your own with spices was at home to cook with spice mixture which warms the body, so that you avoid colds and once you can overcome your cold, until healed.

Using Aroma onions

You can use any type of onion is scented warm enough, you can cut an onion or garlic, then you breathe smells roughly about 5 minutes. in a way that can serve as a catalyst in removing and cleaning the dirt out of your nose.

By Evaporation

By evaporation with plant-based medicine, this way you can try at home with the following medicinal plants, you can mix eucalyptus oil, turmeric, ginger or other spices, the hot water is still steaming, keep in containers such as basins, then cover your head with a towel and the face facing the basin that has been filled with hot water mixed with spices before.

Some way above a lot done by many people and the results are quite satisfactory for mild colds, and if you continue colds you can contact the nearest doctor. hopefully this article useful.


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