Excess leaves of medicinal plants

Besides roots, fruits, and stems are also many advantages leaves of medicinal plants used as medicinal herbs or traditional medicines, some of which have already been discussed in several previous articles such as, soursop leaf, betel leaf fragrant, and so forth. Here I come back to discuss the benefits of the leaves that may have already been discussed and not in the previous article. Here we repeat the previous knowledge that we may be able to recognize the natural remedies that have been used and known by the general public.

Excess leaves of medicinal plants

I will discuss Excess leaves of medicinal plants as follows,

Soursop Leaf

Soursop leaf has long been recognized as a traditional medicine materials provided by nature, some benefits are already well known by many people that as, treatment for cancer, lowering uric acid, treat rheumatism.

Cassava Leaves

Cassava leaves often we see in the field of cuisine, which is used as fresh vegetables typical Sundanese food on the food that is served as fresh vegetables or a salad or as an ointment. cassava leaf turns save properties to natural treatments powerful enough to migraine headaches, rheumatic drugs, and drugs for diarrhea.

Breadfruit leaves

Breadfruit leaf is not very well known by many people, but save some of the properties are quite good, breadfruit leaves in addition useful leaves the fruit can also be consumed as foods containing carbohydrates are high enough, some of the benefits of the drug breadfruit leaves are heart disease, healthy kidneys, and to treat swelling of the spleen.

Carica papaya

Papaya also equal efficacy with papaya fruit that is for beauty, besides the leaves of papaya fruit is very beneficial for skin beauty and smooth the skin on your face. You can try it as home remedies and can be done quite easily in try at home. but in Indonesia, especially in the race Sundanese (West Java) papaya can be found in Sundanese food as fresh vegetables or salad.

Basil Leave

Basil leaves are often used as a food flavoring, particularly in Indonesia, basil is used as one of the popular culinary spice, and also save the health benefits such as body odor and sweat overcome, overcome bad breath, and can overcome premature ejaculation, menstruation laxative and ASI .

Celery leaves

Celery sure you already know this one leaf that indeed we often encounter in vegetables such as soups and other dishes, celery efficacious for natural remedies such as for high blood pressure, cough, and treat dry eye.

May thus some of the benefits of the leaves of medicinal plants that I can share on this article, may be useful and at other occasions and maybe his permission I will try to discuss and review some of the herb leaves medicinal plants above, thank you for reading the article this, input please leave in the comments box below.


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